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Aluminum Gravity Die Casting:

The production of castings from a reusable mould or die having two or more parts each located in relation to other parts. The die contains an impression of the casting together with its running, feeding and venting systems. The die can readily be cleared of debris such as hot metal splashes and sand so that the casting's accuracy is maintained. The die is capable of a regular cycle and of dissipating the heat of the metal poured into it.
  • We supply quality products at competitive rates and assure on time delivery.
  • ISI Standard items
  • We are capable to supply 100 to 200/pieces per day as per the clients deal.
  • Minimum order - 300 kgs
  • We use state of the art machinery. We have rigorous testing facilities and quality assurance methods.
  • We have rigourous testing facilities and quality assurance methods.
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