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Established in 1991, we are an established foundries and manufacturer of Non-ferrous castings like Aluminum casting (all grades), Brass casting, Gun metal casting, P. B. Lead casting, Copper casting etc. We make all types of wooden and metal patterns as per customers specifications/drawings. We strive to deliver best of products in terms of both quality and rates in manufacturing and supplying Wood / Metal patterns, Gravity Dies / Pressure Dies, Graded Ferrous castings like high quality SG Iron casting and Non ferrous casting like Aluminum casting, Brass casting, Aluminum alloy casting, Bronze casting, Lead casting, and Copper casting. Adequate infrastructural facilities enable us to execute orders on time as per the clients requirement. We are registered under MICRO Industries, GST and member of Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA) besides also being a member of BANSSIA.

We supply casting die i.e. gravity metal casting, pressure die casting, Aluminium alloy pattern & wood pattern casting with best quality and very competitive price that help our customers to earn more profits. We aim at taking our customers to new heights of business with worldwide production capacity.

At U K Patterns, Metal Cast quality is the main focus. With our expertise and experience in engineering and quality control, we assure you the best product at the best price available through international price and manufacturing comparison.